Discovering the Hidden Paradise of Mou Waho Island in Wanaka

Mou Waho

Nestled within the sparkling waters of Lake Wanaka, there lies a hidden gem that captivates the hearts of all who venture there. Known as Mou Waho Island, this secluded paradise is a nature lover’s dream and a testament to New Zealand’s untouched beauty. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore this unique destination, revealing the different ways to get there, what to do on the island, and the best time to experience its magic.


Getting to Mou Waho Island:


Wanaka Water Taxi:

This scenic water taxi service provides a comfortable and leisurely ride across Lake Wanaka, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the region. The journey begins at Wanaka’s waterfront, where you’ll board a purpose-built water taxi. As you glide across the crystal-clear waters of Lake Wanaka, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the serene lake. Wanaka Water Taxi’s experienced guides are passionate about the region and its unique attractions. They’ll share interesting facts about the lake, its history, and the natural wonders that await you on Mou Waho Island. Unlike other transportation options, the water taxi allows for flexibility in planning your Mou Waho adventure. You can choose to spend as much time as you like on the island, ensuring you have ample opportunity to explore at your own pace.


Eco Wanaka Adventures:

For those seeking a guided tour, embark on a journey with Eco Wanaka Lake Tours. Set sail on a scenic boat ride across the pristine waters of Lake Wanaka, as their knowledgeable guides unveil the secrets of this breathtaking natural paradise. Step foot on Mou Waho Island and prepare to be mesmerized. Their guides will lead you through the island’s picturesque trails, sharing fascinating insights into its unique ecology, rich wildlife, and captivating history.



For the more adventurous souls, kayaking to Mou Waho can be an exhilarating experience. Paddle your way to the island and enjoy the tranquillity of the lake. Make sure to check the weather conditions and wear appropriate safety gear.


Exploring Mou Waho Island:

Upon arriving at Mou Waho Island, you’ll have the freedom to explore its natural wonders and cultural treasures. Here are some of the islands treasures:


Arethusa Pool:

A highlight of Mou Waho Island is the Arethusa Pool, a unique lake within an island in a lake! It’s a relatively easy hike to reach this stunning natural formation. Surrounded by lush vegetation and fed by a small waterfall, the Arethusa Pool is perfect for a refreshing dip.


Rob Roy Plant Nursery:

Mou Waho is home to a special project aimed at restoring native plants. The Rob Roy Plant Nursery showcases the island’s dedication to preserving its natural environment. Learn about their conservation efforts and maybe even plant a tree during your visit.


The Viewpoint:

A short hike up to the viewpoint on Mou Waho rewards you with a panoramic vista of Lake Wanaka and the Southern Alps. It’s an ideal spot for a picnic or simply to soak in the awe-inspiring scenery.


The Best Time to Visit:

The best time to experience Mou Waho Island’s beauty is during the spring and summer months (October to March). The weather is warmer, and the island’s flora is in full bloom, creating a vibrant and colourful landscape. However, visiting during the quieter seasons can also offer a unique sense of solitude and tranquillity.


Mou Waho Island is a treasure trove of natural wonders, accessible through guided tours or adventurous kayaking. Whether you’re dipping into the Arethusa Pool, exploring the native plant nursery, or taking in the breathtaking views, this island is a testament to the untouched beauty of New Zealand. Plan your visit during the warmer months to make the most of this extraordinary destination and create lasting memories in Wanaka.